Will is an experienced photographer and camera operator based in the Bristol, UK.

Combining both mediums at a time when the gap between video and photography is blurring, Will is able to turn his hand to both, working to a high personal standard in a logical and systematic manner.

He has been described as a diplomatic and amiable person to work with, someone who is dependable in a time of crisis when patience and integrity are key strengths.

In recent years he has focussed his work on the wildlife, environmental and travel markets, producing work that simply and elegantly captures the essence of each brief.

Clients include the BBC NHU, Tigress Productions, Conservation Science Africa, Bushcamp Company, Remote Africa Safaris, Nature Picture Library, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Back to the Planet Productions, BBC World Service Trust and the Wild Media Foundation.

He is familiar with a variety of video formats including HDV, XDCAM and Digibeta and is well versed in the use of more specialist equipment such as camera traps, remote cameras, infrared, thermal imaging and timelaspe photography.


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